This is just a sampling of the many articles written which include SSN either as the subject or as a resource, particularly since the outing in the USA of NJ Governor McGreevy.  For audio files and transcripts of radio/television interviews, please scroll to bottom of page.

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09/13/04 People Magazine  (includes Str8s members' stories)

09/02/04, The Fairfield County Weekly, Readers Speak Out.

08/31/04, St. Paul Pioneer Press, Straight answers.  (from Bergen County Record)

8/29/04, Lincoln Journal Star

08/28/04, Omaha World-Herald, He's gay, spouse isn't, now what?

8/24/04, Chicago Sun Times, Keeping a straight face
08/23/04, Newsweek  The Fallout: When a Spouse Comes Out.
08/23/04, Chillcothe Gazette (Central Ohio), McGreevey toll still unknown

08/22/04, The Palm Beach Post, The suffocating closet
08/19/04, Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne), McGreevey 'outing' full of human fallout

08/18/04, Philadelphia Daily News, Straight talk about who's gay

08/13/04 Good Morning America  - article
08/13/04:  7ABC: Support for Straights With Gay Spouses
01/06/03, San Francisco Chronicle

08/27/04, The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC, The straight and narrow, (Amity Pierce Buxton, Ph.D., Executive Director of Straight Spouses Network, on the reactions that straight people may go through when their spouses come out of the closet.  (Link to Real Audio file)

08/17/04 From WHYY-FM's Radio Times Listen to this show via Real Audio  

ANDERSON COOPER 360 - SEPTEMBER 24, 2004 (transcript)
'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for August 13, 2004, MSNBC, (transcript)